Last Updated on April 28, 2024 by cwl

The big byline in the Colorado Springs Gazette today:

Without more vaccinations, researchers say Colorado could see hospitalizations spike akin to December

Actually reading the article points out that this is yet another computer modeling exercise. Give me the code and the data, and I’ll give you a different outcome.

Now let’s look at today’s data from the Colorado COVID web site:

I dunno, looks pretty quiet to me. Here’s a chart of cases by age:

We’re seeing a spike in cases, just like last July. Interesting, but no cause for alarm IMHO. So why the continued fear campaign?

Also of note: 100 X 7240 deaths / 5.7 million CO population = a fatality rate of 0.13 per cent.

I have no idea what “cases” mean anymore. Is Colorado still using the bogus PCR test that even the CDC is now saying is flawed? And we never get any indication of cycle threshold (Ct) values being used by the various testing facilities.

I am no longer afraid of this virus – actually I never was. I am however, terrified of the Governor, the President, the CDC and the WHO, all of whom seem to be intent on forcing me into an untenable situation regarding mandatory injections.