Last Updated on March 23, 2021 by cwl

Now that the Establishment’s preferred POTUS is safely entrenched in the White House, let’s take a look at the Pandemic news:

WHO admits the PCR test might have some false-positive issues – Dec 14th, 2020

NY Governor goes soft on COVID restrictions – Jan 11th, 2021

Chicago restaurants and bars need to be reopened, says the Mayor – Jan 14th, 2021

Never used Denver emergency hospital shuts down – Jan 19th, 2021

Massachusetts Governor starts lifting restrictions – Jan 21st, 2021

Michigan Governor decides to open restaurants – Jan 21st, 2021

Just a coincidence, right?

Update, Jan 25th – here’s an up-to-date summary of how the media – and politicians – are changing their tune now that Trump Derangement Syndrome has been “cured”:

All Hail the Reopening!