Last Updated on April 28, 2024 by cwl

Our esteemed Governor of Colorado raises his scepter once again and extends the mask mandates until May 2nd. But this time “green” counties are exempted. Green has nothing to do with climate change or CO2 emissions, it’s part of a complex set of rules called Colorado COVID Dial 3.0:

Only a government drone could come up with such a Byzantine set of rules. Good luck figuring it all out, and if you do let me know.

So, which counties have what colors? Here we go:

Nice. Travel within Colorado is going to be amusing – which County am I in? What are the rules? Did the County commissioners override any State regulations? Screw it, I’ll just do what I want and see if anybody calls me out.

Karen: “Sir, you should be wearing a mask!”

Me: “Hey, we’re green now, right? Didn’t I just read that somewhere? We’ll be fine, have a nice day.” Hee hee.