Last Updated on February 3, 2023 by cwl

An electric Mustang? Bwahahahha! I hope the marketing genius that came up with this one has an early retirement strategy in place. .

Base price $44k – ROFL! And it doesn’t even look like a Mustang! WTF? Who’s the target market here? Boomers want the Shelby version, Millennials that got bamboozled into a 6 figure college tuition bill can’t even afford a Ford Focus, woke bozos want to ride high speed railways to nowhere, so who’s left?

C’mon, anybody that’s really interested in a Mustang wants this one:

The $74k base price is a bit of sticker shock, so OK, this one will work:

Let’s review this at the end of 2020 and see what happened. Cheers!

PS – I grabbed these photos from, and without permission, FYI.