With Firefox no longer viable, I needed to find another browser for my purchasing and financial transactions, as well as a new place for my bookmarks. I have been using Brave for semi-anonymous searches, but I didn’t want to also use it for “sticky” transactions. Enter the Dissenter browser, brought to you by the folks over at Gab. They are getting a lot of Twitter and Facebook refugees now that the “deplatforming” of any non-Progessive viewpoints is in play.

The Dissenter memory footprint is smaller than Brave, as would be expected since Dissenter dropped the Brave Rewards feature.

Dissenter Memory Footprint
Brave Memory Footprint

The Dissenter key feature is a “universal comment” tool – you can comment on any URL on the web, and nobody will censor it, subject to Gab’s terms of service. You do need to create a Gab account to use this feature – I’ll probably sign up at a later date, but right now the Gab infrastructure is trying to cope with a half million new users per day.

The big test will be how well Dissenter works with e-commerce, banks and other financial institutions – so far so good, but I’ll file another report after a longer test period.


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