Last Updated on January 15, 2021 by cwl

An Exercise in Futility?

When the Pandemic Shamdemic first started, I tried to keep on top of the misdirection and fearmongering that was rampant in the Lamestream Media. All in vain, it seemed – hell, I couldn’t even convince family members that the response to COVID was overblown and unprecedented. Sigh. So I gave up publishing, but I kept up my research through the long summer and into the winter of our discontent.

Nothing has changed my point of view. I still maintain that:

  • Masks are ineffective against an aerosol-based virus outbreak1
  • Social distancing is based upon a high school science project 2,3
  • Lockdowns are killing more people than the virus 4
  • Politicians and public health officials have ignored decades of pandemic response knowledge 5

Links to these assertions are provided at the end of this document, FWIW.

And then the 2020 election…

For the record, I voted for Harry Browne of the Libertarian Party in the 2000 election, and after that I have voted consistently for None of The Above. I don’t think I need to articulate my reasoning behind that decision. I am not a Donny Trump fan, although the entertainment value of his administration has been first rate. He promised to “drain the swamp”, and then proceeded to consistently appoint Swamp People to key positions. I saw this play out in the first three months of his administration, and so I wrote him off at that point. Mind you, the last POTUS that tried to take on the Deep State got himself murdered in Dallas, so I understand why The Donald had to tread lightly…

The collectivists that run the media and the major social media platforms are no longer making any attempt whatsoever to hide their political positions. The media purge has begun, and so I can no longer remain silent. I won’t be heard, and I’m cool with that, but I want Posterity to know that I was paying attention, and that I did what little I could to stem the tide of mindless obedience to vested interests.


[1] Masks Don’t Work

[2] Social Distancing As Snake Oil

[3] Dubious Federal Policy From A High School Science Fair

[4] Lockdowns Are Killing People

[5] Lockdowns Rejected During the Asian Flu Pandemic of 1957