Last Updated on November 14, 2019 by cwl

For awhile now, I’ve been thinking that the web site was beginning to look a bit – frumpy – can I still use that expression without getting into trouble? Whatever… But for sure it didn’t look very 21st Century.

I have used nanoc for a long time, and it’s been great, but I’ve never been totally comfortable with its operation, and I decided I wanted to find something more “Railsy”, if possible. I settled on Middleman. And for sure I wanted to use Twitter Bootstrap as the component library, especially since I’m using it daily in my professional work.

The Middleman learning curve was trivial; a gem install and then create a project, pretty much like setting up a new Rails project. I continue to use Git for maintaining the code base and for pushing changes to the site’s production location on NFSN.

I hacked on Bootstrap longer than I wanted, and the site still looks clunky on mobile devices, especially the navbar and the “business card” part of the site. I may keep jacking with that a bit in the future.

The styling is called “Glacial”, and it comes from bs4themes . Some people might call it “boring blue”. It should be clear that I’m not great at front-end web site design, but I think it looks much more modern than the 2.0 version of the site.

In any event, I’ve burned enough time on the site updates, additional tweaks would be in the realm of gold-plating, so it’s on to more productive uses of my time. Cheers!