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Christopher W Lehman

Retired Ruby and Rails Developer, IT Manager and Semiconductor Guru
Now Specializing in Hiking, Travel, Home Brewing and Ranch Management
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Current employment...

None! I'm retired! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

But see Former Employment

Former employment...

Senior Engineer with Comcast’s Technology, Product, Xperience organization (TPX) from 2012 to 2019

I was a member of the Applications Management Tools Team consisting of six Developers (including myself), a Manager and a Business Analyst building Configuration Management Database systems and Asset Management systems that track configuration and network topology information for the 8000+ Applications and 750K+ Devices used within TPX.

Development stack: Ruby on Rails 4.x and 5.1.

Front-end technology: jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap

Backend databases: MySQL , MongoDB

Version Control and Continuous Integration done with Git and Jenkins .

For more information about my work experience at previous employers, please see my Professional page.

Other Stuff


I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Doctorate in Computer Science. Please see my Academic page for more details pertaining to my educational background.


Technical and site information at the About page.


Ah yes, what to do about my Blog . My political philosophy is best described as Redneck Anarchist , but writing about social or political issues has become downright hazardous due to a surplus of "diversity" and an insufficient supply of rational discourse. What fun times we live in. I may have to re-brand the blog as "Retired Old Fart Attempts to Cope with 21st Century America". Stay tuned.

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Homestead Ranch Park, Peyton, Colorado