Last Updated on January 12, 2022 by cwl

After almost two years of masking, lockdowns, business closures, “vaccinations” and perpetual fearmongering, here is the case data for Colorado:

Case data for Colorado as of Jan 11, 2022

Some more or less random notes and observations:

  • I don’t know what “cases” really mean or how the data is being collected. Is it the dubious PCR test, or data from “at home” test kits, etc?
  • If you’re not sick, why get tested?
  • If you’re not sick, and you test “positive” what are you going to do?
  • If you have symptoms and you test “positive”, what are you going to do?

Nothing that we have been subjected to over the last two years have worked, but Government means never having to say “I was wrong, we need to try something else”.

We need to re-confirm hygienic sanity in our society: “I am not a filthy walking disease vector, I am not sick until proven healthy, and I am not contagious by default”.


How A Free Society Deals With Pandemics