Last Updated on January 5, 2018 by cwl

I have added some information about cookies and privacy on the site. I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t want to go into legalese, so it’s real simple:

  1. I don’t collect any personal or financial information at this site, so I don’t need to use HTTPS – but see 2 below.
  2. I am running a vanilla-flavored, out-of-the-box configuration of Google Analytics, just to see if anybody is visiting the site. (They are not.)
  3. Cookies created in your browser are from Google Analytics. As of this writing, the cookies are _ga, _gat and _gid.  You can read about cookies here: . There are also some WordPress cookies generated as a result of visiting the blog.

I may get cute and add some EU-style cookie opt-out features someday if I get bored. Don’t hold your breath. Cheers!